We’re almost positive this is the restaurant Google Duplex called for a dinner reservation


Google Duplex likes noodles. And, apparently, not telling servers that it’s an artificial intelligence.

Or anyway that’s what we learned when we spoke with the staff of the restaurant that is almost certainly the one the AI recently called for a dinner reservation. 

For the uninitiated, Google dropped jaws earlier this month at its annual I/O developer conference with a demonstration of Duplex, an artificial intelligence that can apparently — in some situations — make entire phone calls on your behalf. While the example provided to the gathered crowd involved a haircut appointment, the company posted another recording to its blog that dealt with a dinner reservation.  Read more…

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We’re almost positive this is the restaurant Google Duplex called for a dinner reservation syndicated from https://swentex.wordpress.com/


Author: Barbara Walston

My writing career began 10 years back, when I penned down one of my success on a popular website. It got me a lot of support from everyone, that set me going. my experience in finding out the methodology of latest technology and its working process makes me invent something better than that, but it was not visible to people. I decided to display the same using my writing skills.

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